Wolfgang Reichl

Wolfgang Reichl was Born in 1956 in Vienna, Austria. After graduation at the technical university of Vienna he began his career with the former PTT in Austria and joined ÖFEG, a subsidiary of Telekom Austria in 1990. ÖFEG was a joint venture between the telecommunications industry and the  PTT and responsible for project Management of the introduction and development of digital switching in Austria. From the  1990s on the company was involved in the evolution of the existing networks to a common next generation network. Between 2003 and 2008 Wolfgang Reichl has served as director of ÖFEG. From 1 January 2009 until 2012 Mr. Reichl worked as chief technical advisor for SBR. He is now self employed and supports SBR with  his technical expertise. Wolfgang Reichl has lectured at the technical University of Vienna from 2004 to 2008. He has a wide experience in  roject management and  international standardisation work in telecommunications e.g. in IEEE, ETSI, ITU and TeleManagementForum.

Parkring 10/1/10
1010 Wien

M +43 664 4510368
E reichl-ät-sbr-net.com



1975 to 1980 Technical University of Vienna: Studies in Electrical Engineering


1981 to 1991 Telekom Austria: Head of Section
1991 to 2002 ÖFEG: Technical Expert
2003 to 2008 ÖFEG: Managing Director
2009 to 2012 SBR-net Consulting AG: CTO
From 2012 Self employed: Consultant



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