The Municipality Check

The municipality check developed by SBR-net Consulting AG is an advisory product which is focused towards the needs of local communities which are currently concentrating on broadband rollout and the extent of provision of broadband in their local community which they are seeking to improve.

The municipality check allows to find a way to analyse, discuss and decide about a structured approach for broadband rollout. SBR-net Consulting AG supports the municipality within the framework of an individual project to analyse the baseline conditions, to look at the development of demand by the local population and companies, to develop strategy options, to provide advice in terms of ways forward and also to present detailed cost analysis and estimations as a basis for decisions to be taken by the municipality. The following issues are provided within the framework of such a municipality check by experts from SBR-net Consulting AG:

  • Demand Analysis
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Technology analysis
  • Network rollout and costsCost reduction potential
  • Financing
  • Co-operation
  • Legal issues and Regulation