The combination of strategic, economic, technical and regulatory expertise has experienced a strong growth over the last years. Knowledge gained in the telecommunications sector has taught SBR-net Consulting AG that legal, strategic, commercial as well as technical support for companies, institutions and organisations are interrelated. This aspect has been implemented by SBR-net Consulting AG through specialized consulting activities with respect to regulatory and legal questions on the one hand as well as to strategic, commercial and technical questions on the other hand. This approach has proven successful in a significant number of consulting projects nationally and internationally, especially when working for regulatory authorities.

Over the last years the strategic aspect in our consulting work has become more prominent. The structural changes which the markets are undergoing require a long-term perspective, especially with respect to topics like broadband (infrastructure) rollout of the public sector or OTT services. This has in many cases called for the strategic support of SBR-net Consulting AG for network operators, utilities, institutions, ministries and the public sector.

SBR-net Consulting AG relies on the personal interaction and the direct exchange of ideas and thoughts with the client.

SBR-net Consulting AG operates offices in its two home markets which are in Düsseldorf (Germany) and Vienna (Austria). With respect to the locations of projects, the team of SBR-net Consulting AG is in the meantime present internationally in many countries and has conducted consulting projects over the last years in more than 30 countries. SBR-net Consulting AG supports companies and authorities domestically and internationally also outside the EU such as in the Middle East as well as in Africa.

Consulting work today is not only "project work" but also more and more oriented towards products. With our tools concerning network modelling, tariff calculations and the standardized support for local municipalities concerning broadband rollout, SBR-net Consulting AG has initiated such specific consulting products that can be purchased in a standardized form.