The roots of SBR-net Consulting AG are to be found in the advice with respect to regulatory topics in the telecommunications sector. Alongside the liberalization of markets and the separation of the value chain as well as market entry of competitors, the complexity of business models increased. In parallel, also the technical solutions became more and more complex. In a regulated market with dominant incumbents this led to very complex legal procedures which could not be conducted without expert opinions covering economic and technical questions.

In this area SBR-net Consulting AG could - on its home markets in Germany and Austria but also in a number of other countries - position itself successfully. The broad experience of SBR-net Consulting AG from other consulting projects thereby helps all clients due to the fact that the generated knowledge is very broad. This is to the advantage of internet service providers, mobile operators, fixed network providers, operators of satellite systems or sea-cable landing stations, associations and organisations as well as regulatory authorities.