Direct interconnection with the incumbent such as Telekom Deutschland in Germany or A1 TA in Austria is also necessary for smaller operators and new market entrants. Apart from that, many companies are buying wholesale services for direct access to the end-customer (unbundled access lines, bitstream access). The problem is that the incumbent often only offers this wholesale service due to regulatory obligations and that its business interest with respect to an exchange of services is limited. Furthermore, the regulatory obligations are often implemented in very complex contracts which constitute hurdles for market entry for smaller companies.

The handling of the tasks that go along with these contracts and the use of regulatory services and products requires much competence and experience. In smaller companies and market entrants the amount of work for this task does usually not justify to employ specific personnel for carrier management. For these companies we are offering to outsource carrier management activities and regulatory topics and handle all processes that go along with these activities in the direct exchange with the regulated operator.

SBR-net Consulting AG can, due to its long-term experience, support successfully in this area. Acting as an interface between companies and other operators but also towards regulatory authorities SBR-net Consulting AG offers its support to many operators for a large number of years. Thereby experts with economic, technical and legal/regulatory know-how are used. With this support also smaller companies and market entrants can set-up a competent carrier management in a cost effective manner.

In this respect, SBR-net Consulting runs an Excel-tool that contains all wholesale prices of Telekom Deutschland and helps alternative network operators to check to check the wholesale invoices. 

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